Sculptural Lighting by Suzanne Derrer

Paper is a miracle.  From rags, bark, grass, or leaves comes a way to pass on wisdom, humor, art, or  to leave a testament for the ages.  But paper doesn’t only convey history. It can be beautiful in and of itself. Her lamps burst with color – reds and yellows, rich ivory and mossy green.  The hand made paper is allied with twigs, sticks, pieces  of driftwood,sunflower stalks,and other woods to produce varied and often very large shapes up to 8 feet tall. She is really  interested in how the paper itself if containing images and how the form is containing space.                                                                                                                                                                                Her inspiration originally came from living near the ocean, where light moving on and in the water fascinated her. No wonder the mysterious sculptures suggest that more exists beyond the complex, shimmering  light they cast.
Each one of Suzanne’s lamps is unique and one of a kind, made in her studio in El Rito, New Mexico. The artist has now been creating these lamps  for over two decades.  She is proud to have  her work displayed in homes, businesses and private art collections throughout the U.S.

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